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Grape juice

Grape juice

Fruit juice from Domaine Saladin

Elisabeth and Marie-Laurence create the first grape juice from Domaine Saladin.

Grape Juice

The Saladin Sisters’ “Jus de Raisins” is a selection of slightly underripe grapes from a plot of “Loï,” a Côtes-du-Rhône terroir from the plateau of Brissan in Saint-Marcel d’Ardèche. Picked at an earlier stage of maturation, these grapes of Grenache Blanc, Grenache Noir, and Grenache Rose offer the bouquet, crispness, and freshness of the bunches that make “Loï.”


GRAPE VARIETIES: 90% Grenache noir, 5% Grenache blanc 5% Grenache rose.

TERROIR :Argillaceous limestone soil from the plateau of Brissan. Exposure: south. The vines are 60 years old. The yield is 30 hectolitres per hectare.

HARVEST : The grapes are entirely hand-picked, with berries selected at an early stage of maturation.

ELABORATION : The grapes are harvested by hand before they reach full ripeness. They are put into small crates which are brought to the Ferme Bio Margerie, an organic farm in the Drôme, where the grapes are pressed, pasteurised, and bottled.

CULTURE : As for all our other cuvées: no pesticide, no herbicide, no insecticide – our estate has always been chemical free. “Agriculture Biologique” (organic) certified by “Ecocert.”

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