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Haut Brissan

Haut Brissan

Wines of Domaine Saladin

Elisabeth and Marie-Laurence create a range of ‘terroir’ wines, reflecting the diversity of the soils in Saint-Marcel d'Ardèche, the 13 Mediterranean varietals of the Domain and their own inspiration

Haut Brissan


An historic family plot, the ‘lieu-dit’ of Haut Brissan is located on the highest plateau above the village of Saint Marcel d’Ardèche. Neglected for an extended period, this rocky soil had been abandoned for the plain along the Rhône which was easier to maintain. It took determination, hard work and a horse for Louis Saladin, his father, Henri, and grandfather, Paul, to bring this forgotten land back to life.

VARIETALS : Old ‘Grenache Noir’ from ‘lieu-dit’ Haut Brissan.

TERROIR : The plot is sheltered on all sides by ‘clapas’ (mounds of stones running in an east to west direction, which have been gradually constructed by farmers over several centuries), oak trees and chestnut trees. The deeply layered soil is made up of ‘galets roulés’ (large, rounded pebbles) from the Rhone. The stones conserve heat during the day and release it at night and form a layer to protect the vines against the Mistral (local wind) and frost. These 50 year old vines were the first in southern Ardèche to be included in the Côtes du Rhône Villages appellation. Yield is 30 hectolitres per hectare.

HARVEST :The grapes are harvested by hand.

VINIFICATION : They then undergo a semi-carbonic maceration with indigenous yeasts. Afterwards, a soft pneumatic press is used. Only sulphites are added in very small amounts.

AGING : The ‘vinification’ and ‘elevage’ (winemaking and aging) are done in concrete tanks.

CULTURE : As for all our other cuvées: no pesticide, no herbicide, no insecticide – our estate has always been chemical free. Vinified using only indigenous yeasts, as has always been the case at the domain. “Agriculture Biologique” (organic) certified by “Ecocert.”

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