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Situated on the hillsides of Saint Marcel d’Ardèche, the ‘terroirs’ at Domaine Saladin are a family heritage, carefully selected and worked traditionally and organically.
To reflect their passion for the ancestral Mediterranean grape varietals, Louis and Paul Saladin planted their 18 hectares of ‘vine land’ some 40 years ago with Grenaches (black, white and rosé), Cinsault, Carignan, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Viognier, Clairette Rose, Clairette Blanche, Bourboulenc, Marsanne et Roussane.

Côtes du Rhône

The Côtes du Rhône cuvees, 'Tralala', 'Loï' and 'Paul', get their character from the stony argillaceous limestone soil and layered pebbles on the hillsides above the village of Saint Marcel d’Ardèche. The plots are bordered by oak trees. The argillaceous soil cools the roots of the vines.

Côtes du Rhône Villages

'Per El', 'Fan dé Lune', 'Haut Brissan' and 'Chaveyron 1422' are sourced from the Villafranchiennes terraces of Saint Marcel d’Ardèche. The ground is made up of ‘galets roulés' (large, rounded pebbles) layered 5 to 6 meters deep. These stones conserve heat during the day and release it at night; they also minimize evaporation from the soil in the summer months.

These plots were the first in southern Ardèche to be included in the Côtes-du-Rhône Villages ‘appellation’ (the label defining the quality of the wine). They have the advantage of being protected from the ‘Mistral’ winds (strong, cold north-westerly winds) by ‘clapas’ (mounds of stones running in an east to west direction, which have been gradually constructed by farmers over several centuries).

Forever organic

The selection of ‘terroirs’ at Domaine Saladin reveals a true exception in the wine world: the vineyards have always been organically farmed and maintained. By choice, and thanks to their location, Paul, Louis, Elisabeth and Marie-Laurence have never used pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or any other chemical compounds. Previous generations did without as they did not know about them.

Organic farming was already an inherited family philosophy and way of life for Elisabeth and Marie-Laurence, who still prefer not to label their wines as ‘Agriculture Biologique’ (Certified Organic) by ‘Ecocert’ (despite the fact that they are indeed certified). They would rather let the wines speak for themselves.

Ardent believers in the protection and preservation of its ‘terroirs,’ the countryside and the environment, the Saladin family continues to work, generation after generation, on crafting authentic wines.

Terroirs du Domaine Saladin

Terroirs du Domaine Saladin