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'Discovery' wine box

The ‘discovery’ wine box includes 6 bottles of ‘Terroir’ wines from Domaine Saladin :

- Per El, Côtes du Rhône Villages White
- Tralala ! Côtes du Rhône Rosé
- Loï, Côtes du Rhône Red
- Paul, Côtes du Rhône Red
- Fan dé Lune, Côtes du Rhône Villages Red
- Chaveyron 1422 or Haut Brissan, the Red Table Wines (choose one)

Your own selection
You can also choose your own selection of the Domaine Saladin’s ‘terroir’ wines.

    1- Download the Order Form, complete it, and add up your order
    2- Write a Cheque to the order of Domaine Saladin
    3- Post your Order Form and your Payment to :
    Domaine Saladin, Les pentes de Salaman, 07700 Saint Marcel d’Ardèche
    4 - You will receive your purchase within 8 days from our receipt of your order
    Please note: this option is only available to French residents.

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