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From the grape...

Since its origin, the harvest at Domaine Saladin has been done by hand with a team which, besides the family, includes friends, neighbours and students.

Once fully ripe, the grapes are harvested and go through a tight selection process in the vineyard. Elisabeth and Marie-Laurence alternate the time they spend in the vineyards and the cellar between each other. They choose their own methods of ‘vinification’ (winemaking) in small tanks, according to skin texture, stems, seeds and intuition.

To the cellar...

The wines at Domaine Saladin are natural, vinified without chemical additives (artificial yeast, tannins, and enzymes). Only a small amount of sulphur is added to the tanks and during the bottling. The indigenous yeasts give our wines their ‘signature’ and convey the natural identity of each ‘terroir.’

The underground cellar is based on a gravitational system. A pneumatic press optimizes the process, treating the grapes with care. The ‘elevage’ (aging of the wine) is done in oak ‘foudres’ (large barrels) and concrete tanks for the reds. The whites and rosés are vinified in underground vats and aged in stainless steel.

Everything which is decided upon in the cellar is guided by the aromas, the sensations and the emotions on sampling the wines.

To the blending

Marie-Laurence, Elisabeth and Jean-Louis Grippat orchestrate the blends, the ultimate marriage of emotion and creativity!

Their greatest pleasure is sharing their passion.

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